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Ngô Đình Nại – One road, two turns!

REGRET – perhaps an adjective that people use the most when reminding about Đình Nại. As one of the top player of VietNam and the world, he persues the perfection of playing style not only art but also endless emotions. Unfortunatly, Đình Nại still has not won any world championship prize yet, this trophy keeps missing him for the last 12 years since he took part in professtional playground.

Back to the early of 2000s, at the young ages (18-20) stage, Đình Nại also has fully passion with sport like other boys, especialy football. With talents as a gift from God, he left a shine mark when he played for Student League. By playing smart with good skills, Đình Nại was immediatly noticed by coachs and trainers of professional clubs. At that moment, he joined a legendary football team, named “SaiGon Harbour” when he turned 18. Time keeps rolling and his life seemed to be fastened tighter with shorts and shoes.

However, it was hard to compete with major players of the club such as Hoài Bửu, Hồ Văn Lợi, Lê Huỳnh Đức…, Đình Nại needed to choose another way to build up career. According to his parent’s adviced, he decided to focus on education, Sports and Physical Gymnastics University.

“I came to billiards very casually, one day I was hanging out with my friends, and met a very good player, he was playing really well and just kept making points, it was about 200 points, it impressed me much then i decided to follow this new subject.”- Đình Nại said. The great talent combines with endless love for Billiard, just in a short time, the name “Ngô Đình Nại” became ‘’familiar” in semiprofessional playground in HCM city. In 2005, he decied to upgarde his career to professional playground cause he had no more opponent to compare.

Nai’s decision was faced so many difficuties, during the first three years of playing competed with better and experienced rivals in 3-cushion Carom, he could not meet any success. Realizing that Nai is a progressive player with profesional practice attitude and especcially good-looking playing style, Coach Trần Đình Hòa directed Nai to focus on 1-cushion Carom. Since then, the name Ngô Đình Nại has been famous until today as one of the most  versatile player of Viet Nam and the World.

Hard work paid off, in 2012, Đình Nại got a hattrick tiltes : National Champion 1-cushion Carom, Champion of National Youth League 3-cushion Carom, ASIAN Champion 1-cushion Carom. With a nonstop fighting spirit, 1 year later, Ngô Đình Nại kept defeating his seniors one by one like Dương Anh Vũ, Phạm Quốc Nam to be the National Champion of Carom 3 cushion, silver medal in Asian Indoors Games, 3th prize in World Championship 1-cushion Carom, Asian Champion 1-cushion Carom. As if he did not want to stop, in 2016 he continued to win both 1-cushion and 3-cushion Carom Asian Billiards Sport tournaments held in Dubai.

That much titles with his great contribution is quite enough for him to wide open the legendary temple of Billiards Vietnam, but unfortunatly he just keep missing his chance to take it while his titles’s collection still lacks World Championship. Continuously competiting every tournament, the best he could achieve in UMB tourament system was just a runner-up (2th) (2018). It was a very impressive tournament and (once again) it was too regrettable for Ngô Đình Nại that he still missed the World Championship.

The philosophy of “the winner is strong, the loser is weak” seemed not to have certain related to each other. Although not yet a champion, but no player or fan dare to underestimate Ngô Đình Nại. His rank and skills have been recorgnized, he even outperformed many of the top players on the world rankings as he regularly having high-run series, countless eye-catching beauty shot that direct into people’s hearts.

Recently, after the 2020 National Championship, the experts inform that Ngô Đình Nại would join the PBA tournament system (Professional Billiard Association) which is run by a huge Media & Events company in Korean, which is competiting firecely with UMB (Union Mondiale de Billiard). There are a lot of rumors regarding this information, most of them regret for Nai when the chance to compete and win the world championship will be zero. In fact, observers believe that this is the right decision, when Ngo Dinh Nai would have an oppoturnity to try a new enviroment that suite him well, cause PBA’s motto is to promote art and beauty in billiards.

In 12/12/2020, Ngô Đình Nại and Nguyễn Huỳnh Phương Linh, a very potential young players, took a flight to Seoul, South Korea, then started the quarantine period for 14 days.

And on December 31th, these two players will start playing  in PBA for the very first time in PBA 3rd Tour. In particular, they have a chance to meet and compete with their teammate in Billiard VietNam, Ma Minh Cam, who is also a veteran player here.

Ngô Đình Nại’s life once turned from football to billiard, this time is still billiard, just slightly different that moving to play for another organization. Hopefully, playing in a system which game format is variable, targeting the emotions of audience and improving the art of billard, Ngô Đình Nại will promote his forte, thereby introducing widely about the Vietnamese billiards background and contribute to inspire and promote the 3-cuishion Carom movement which is also growing strongly in Vietnam as well as all around the world.

Author : Trung Sơn

English Editor: Triết Ngô

(This article shows the author’s point of view and style of writing)

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